Outfield Festival – Sunday 25th August.

Fancy free admission to see Toploader, East 17, and a number of local bands at www.outfieldfestival.co.uk?

This local festival is at Norton Cricket Club, and they are looking for Explorers/Parents/Scouters aged 16+ to act as festival stewards.  The festival gate open at 13.00 and runs till 23.30 the first shift will begin at midday. Each shift will be a minimum of a 6 hours, supporting the team monitor the boundary fence, fire watch, oversee vehicle entry and exit and reporting lost children (via radio to event control).  When you are not on shift you will be free to enjoy the festival (and when on shift you will still be able to listen to the bands).

This is a great way to be part of a great festival and should be the first year of many.

Anyone interested please let us know by Tuesday 20th, or contact the organiser Chris Dando 07816 596857 chrisdando72@aol.co.uk directly.

Oh and for those that went last year, we are in the field next door that doesn’t have thistles and no cows have been in it! Leaders.