About Saxons

Unit description: Saxons Explorer Scouts was established in January 2003, and is one of five Explorer Scout Units based in Wansdyke District.

Leadership team: The Unit has a very experienced leadership team with a wide range of ages. The leader’s role is to support and guide the members in their development. Parents are always welcome to become involved.

Meeting time: Normally Tuesdays 8.00pm to 9.30pm at 1st Midsomer Norton Scout HQ, Radstock Road, Midsomer Norton (O/S142 GR 668 546), although times may vary depending on the activity.

Who can belong? Any young person, male or female aged 13½ to 18.

Costs: There is a £20 joining fee for which you receive a Saxons Hoodie & scarf once invested.  Annual subscription of £100 is due in September (charged pro-rata if joining mid-term) to cover Scout Association membership, insurance, badges, and hall maintenance fee which is charged by the 1st Midsomer Norton Scout Group who’s hall we use.

Uniform: Formal uniform consists of an Explorer Scout shirt, Saxon scarf  and activity trousers. Shirts and trousers are available from Norton Sports and Camping in Midsomer Norton High Street, alternative blue “activity” trousers can also be purchased from “Dickies” factory shop on Westfield Trading Estate.  Scarves are issued at investiture, hoodies are issued once the joining fee is paid. Uniform is worn at formal events / as Young Leaders supporting other sections (see below), and to/from camps.  Hoodies should be worn to weekly meetings.

Funding: The Unit is a registered charity and we have a ‘Partnership Agreement’ with the

1st Midsomer Norton Scout Group.  For an agreed annual fee, we have equal use of their hall as our meeting place and access to their equipment, as they do ours.  We also assist them in their annual fund raising events, such as the two jumble sales, and we also have good Young Leader links with them (& other groups) where Explorer Scouts can develop their own leadership skills by helping with Cubs / Scouts / Brownies / Guides etc.  All members are expected to take an active part in fund raising.

Are there other costs? Yes, there may be a cost for some “external” weekly activities e.g. swimming/Go-Karting when undertaken. Camps and expeditions may cost depending on the duration etc. We try to keep these costs to a minimum wherever possible.

What do you get? A weekly event run by young people for young people (under adult leadership). Normal weekly activities may be aimed at awards (see awards section), of a social nature (see programme zones) or simply for fun!

How often must you take part?  Regular attendance is expected, however we do understand that on  occasionally this not be possible. Remember we are very much a team unit, which means it only operates well if everybody plays their part.

What awards are there? Platinum Award, Diamond Award, Queens Scout Award, Group Awards include the International Friendship, Environment and Faith Awards. There is an Explorer Belt Award (overseas travel challenge) and other pursuit badges covering a wide range of activities. Participation is encouraged, although none of the awards are compulsory.

Who organises the program? Explorers. The leaders make sure it happens.

Program zones: These form the basis of the weekly program and consist of Community, Environment, International, Outdoors, Physical Recreation, Relationships, Skills and Values zones.

Other activities: Climbing, caving, canoeing, camping, shooting, hiking, karting, you name it, it can happen. Where adventurous activities take place there are strict rules regarding qualifications that must be followed.

Are all activities on Tuesdays? Mostly yes.  Occasionally we may have to meet a different night if venue availability requires e.g. Climbing Wall or Swimming Pool hire.

Transport: A lot of activities will mean meeting and/or finishing at locations other than at the 1st MSN Scout HQ. On some occasions we may have the use of the 1st MSN minibus (although it only seats 15 Unit members), it would make sense if members and parents liaise with each other to share lifts and cut down on the number of people driving to events. We will detail on the program when transport will be required.

Activity Qualifications: All members will be encouraged to gain authorisations in their favourite activities (E.g. climbing, canoeing, sailing, caving). However members should be aware that under the age of 18 they might only act on such authorisations with the permission of a Unit leader on each occasion. While an ability to do an activity helps towards authorisation, experience of leadership can only be gained by doing and with time.

Young leaders: All members will be encouraged to become young leaders and help with other sections such as Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Guides etc. Leaders from within the Unit will mentor these members.  This is perfect for the service section of DofE awards.

Remember: We are seeking to develop young people through the aims and structure of the Scout Association during their time in the Saxons.   Remember, the more you put in………..…